Get Yourself a Custom Made Suitcase for Better Use

t16A suitcase is a very catchy term and object. It is very useful in our day-to- day life as we cannot travel without it. For some people it is their way of living. Imagine a custom suitcase that has all the characteristics which makes people believe that it actually belongs to you. These types of suitcases are always able to express your entire creativity, share your sense of pride and also represent your great company. You can choose any suitcase in the ever increasing collection in order to benefit more from them. Customization of a suitcase mostly depends on the three basic characteristics. These are explained as below.

1. The color and size of your suitcase

Any custom suitcase should have an appropriate color as well as size. Both these characteristics go hand in hand and there is nothing that can stop you from getting your own color and size. Always go from something that is fancy in a sophisticated manner and is also catchy. It must also depict that is actually belong to you and no one else. This is what a custom suitcase is all about.

2. Accessories of your suitcase

The accessories of your suitcase are also extremely important as far as customization of your suitcase is concerned. There are many accessories that you can include in your suitcase. This means that you must customize your suitcase in such a manner that there is enough space for all your accessories. Never leave any stone unturned because it must be made in such a manner that you are able to put all your belongings and important things properly without any damages.

3. Your image

Your image is very important. Do you want to maintain a sophisticated image or an image that is very fancy? This is something that you must give a deep think into. This will help you to get the best out of your customization. People are going to judge you on the basis of how you have designed or customized your suitcase. You must keep this fact in your mind. Your suitcase will speak a lot about you in the long run. There is nothing to worry about if you have taken care of all these aspects. You can go ahead and proceed with the customization of your suitcase and there will be no harm at all. It is one of the important things to remember.


Why NOT Choose My Own Homestay Family

t15In this day and age of automated-self-serve-online-do-it-yourself-web-based-point-and-click, it hardly seems necessary to pay the extra $ to a 3rd party company to find homestay accommodation for myself when planning a trip abroad. Or does it?

This is the question many international students and travelers are asking themselves. We book our own hotels after all – so why NOT homestay?

The short answer in a nutshell is that homestay is not a hotel. It is an unregulated industry. While a hotel is required by law to meet certain minimal standards of cleanliness, safety, and service, homestays have no such mandated oversight.

This means that booking your own room with an unknown family directly is a complete crap shoot – while you may get lucky and land yourself a fabulous accommodation, you may just as likely book yourself in the homestay from hell.

Let’s face it – every family that posts online will try to promote themselves as the best option for you. It’s in their interest after all. But what’s in YOUR best interest?

A placement Agency? Really? Isn’t the homestay placement agency just in it for the money? Why should they really care if I have a great homestay experience or not? Well, let’s just call it the invisible hand of the free market.

Consider: A homestay agency that doesn’t care about the quality of its homestays is no better than a bad homestay family. In fact, they are worse -they are a bad business as well, and a bad business will not stand the test of time. A good homestay company on the other hand will build its reputation, expand its services across cities and districts, export its model, and organically expand as part and parcel of a natural evolution nurtured on sound and ethical business practices.

So an experienced professional homestay company doesn’t find the best possible homestay for you – they find it for them. Only by making you a happy customer will they prevail. And if a family they have chosen turns out to be less than what it should be, you can believe that as the customer, you will always be right. And that comforting assurance when you are far away from home in a foreign land without any other support network is well worth the small premium a long established professional agency will charge you.

Homestay should be more than just a place to lay your head and get some food on the fly. It is a window into another culture. It is an invitation to live, share, and experience a completely foreign lifestyle from the inside.

It is a rare opportunity to learn from, and teach to, others. Arguably, it is the most valuable experience of your entire travel abroad – probably not the kind of thing you want to leave to long-distance intuition or luck.


How to Hire a Taxi for Safe and Reliable Medical Transportation

t14When it comes to non-emergency medical visits, getting out of the house and to the appointment with your physician or medical team can be incredibly difficult. Depending on your condition, there could be mobility issues that make getting into and out of your car difficult, or you might have a wheelchair or motorized scooter that makes normal travel seem almost impossible. There’s good news – you can hire a service to get you to your medical visit on time and in comfort.

Consider the following points while booking:

1. Accommodating Mobility Issues

Whether you’re talking about public transport or your own personal vehicle, accommodating mobility issues can be tough to do. Buses aren’t built to be particularly easy to enter or exit for those who need a little help getting around. Even passenger cars and vans can be hard to use. Hiring a cab for safe and reliable medical transportation actually ensures that you enjoy an easy entry and exit process, combined with professional, caring service.

2. Wheelchairs and Scooters

The problem of traveling with a wheelchair or motorized scooter is significant, even with standard, folding wheelchairs. Add motorized components and batteries, and things become even more challenging. Working with a company that specializes in providing medical transportation solutions can help. For instance, you’ll find a number of modern vehicles in the fleet equipped to make traveling with a wheelchair, motorized wheelchair or even a motorized scooter a simple and hassle-free process. Accessible vehicles are more than just larger. They’re designed with ramps and wheelchair security systems to lock your chair in place while riding. There is also room for up to three caregivers or helpers to accompany you on your medical visit.

3. For Seniors

Another benefit of hiring the right cab is that there are companies that specialize in providing seniors with caring, compassionate travel service. Seniors have specific requirements when it comes to the vehicles in which they travel (lower entry points, easier to access handles, etc.), but they also require professional drivers who understand the differences inherent in transporting seniors versus younger passengers. For instance, seniors often are unable to cope with multiple stops or long waits in the back of a taxi, and will frequently require physical assistance getting in and out, as well. Drivers are also professionally trained to handle assistive devices, including canes, walkers, and more. The right company can offer all this and much more.


The Importance of Wi-Fi in a Cab

t13Once upon a time, taking a taxi was a pretty simple process. You hailed a taxi from the corner, or caught one outside the arrivals terminal at the airport. You told the driver where you were headed, and then you sat back and rode. The time between catching it and arriving at your destination was dead time – downtime where there was nothing that could be done. That’s changing today. Wi-Fi in a cab allows you access to unprecedented benefits.

Checkout the benefits of Wi-Fi while travelling:

Productivity on the Go

Most of us have become accustomed to doing at least some work on the go. You might network with business associates on your smartphone while riding the train to the office. You might use your downtime between appointments and meetings to get some work done on that report. In these instances, you use your device’s data connection. However, that can be problematic in some area. Tall buildings, bridges, tunnels and the like can all make it difficult to get any signal at all, much less one capable of handling heavier data transmissions. With Wi-Fi in a taxi, you don’t have to worry about that at all.

No Data Roaming Charges

For travelers, the prospect of having to pay steep data roaming charges while using their device during travel is a very daunting prospect. Those prices can be very steep. In fact, many travelers opt not to use their phone, laptop or tablet just to avoid them. With in-car Internet, though, you can access anything from restaurant menus to hotel reservation systems while traveling and never have to worry about paying those high fees.

Setting Trip Itineraries

Those traveling to a new city need the chance to find sights of interest and set their itinerary. That can be problematic during the rush of travel – it’s impossible on most flights, and there’s just no time within an airport, during the rush of deplane and struggling to get to baggage claim. With Wi-Fi, though, it’s simpler than ever to check out the destinations that interest you, the sights to see in the area and much more, all from the back of the car while you’re being professionally driven to your accommodations in town.

Wireless Payment

Another benefit of having wireless connection during travel is the ability to pay without opening your wallet. While this is possible using smartphone apps with some companies, it’s not available across the board. There’s also the fact that using an app requires mobile data, and that can come with high costs. Thus wireless connection gets around that problem handily, allowing travelers to easily pay with their choice of mobile payment methods, including in-app payments, and more.